Cherry Suede Announces Up Close and Personal Tour


January 13, 2015


Cherry Suede is all packed and ready to hit the road again. This time, their tour map was planned exclusively by their truest fans who picked the top tour cities based on votes and ticket sales. In fact, one could say the cities for the “Up Close and Personal Tour” were cherry-picked by the Cherry Suede Brigade.

Because the fan base (Cherry Suede Brigade) is growing and new markets are discovering the inspiring, rock, and soulful sounds of the band, more tour cities than expected were added. The band’s continuous goal of fan connection, meeting their fans at live shows and connecting online at, has made all of that possible. Touring and performing live is what the band loves most because it brings them closer to their fans and new audiences.

Fans old and new attending the live shows, can expect the band to feature songs from their first two studio albums, their two acoustic EPs, as well as get a premiere peek into what’s to come on their 4 Volume Up Close and Personal EP series. This newest project focuses on songs and artists that impact and influence the band. The passion behind the music melodically comes across in each unique and original track.

For more information on the tour, to buy tickets and purchase limited edition band merch, head over to  The merch is going fast, so be sure to order your advance copies now.


02/09 Rochester NY

02/12 Chicago, IL

02/14 Shelbyville, KY

02/20 Bloomington IN

02/21 Lexington KY

02/24 Decatur GA

02/26 Birmingham AL

02/27 Charlotte NC

02/28 Cary NC

03/01 Carrboro NC

03/05 Philadelphia PA

03/06 Long Branch NJ

03/13 Toronto ON

03/14 Montreal QC

04/10 Ottawa ON

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