The Cellar Sessions

Between Here and There - Reimagined

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Re-discover our best selling album with 12 reimagined versions from the original recording sessions...

What People Are Saying...

"Gives me goosebumps!" -Suey R.

"Raw and driven by pure emotion...simply sensational" -Tracey D.

"Each song stands out with its own individuality and sound..." - Gina H

"The stripped down versions really show off these songs" - Sharon T

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Introducing "The Cellar Sessions"

Between Here and There Reimagined by Cherry★Suede

"Between Here and There moves boldly forward into the realm of radio-conscious pop and gives listeners a rush of emotions song after song. There’s no doubt this album will be a favourite among longtime fans and new ones alike. With the relatable, relevant draw of each song, it’s quite possibly the ideal life soundtrack."

What others are saying...

About Cherry★Suede...

With over 3000 shows to more than 1000000 people, see for yourself why people call Cherry Suede one of the hardest working bands out there...

Randy Scott Vocals/ Guitar

Fashion changes, the sound of popular music changes and society changes. But the hopes and dreams that define the human condition are universal and timeless. And those are the themes that we try to explore and explain with our music

Great art is not about words, images or music. It’s about emotion. The other things are just the vehicles to get that emotion from the artist to their audience.

Randy Young Guitar/ Vocals

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