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Introducing "Between Here and There" - The Best Selling Album by Cherry★Suede

"Between Here and There moves boldly forward into the realm of radio-conscious pop and gives listeners a rush of emotions song after song. There’s no doubt this album will be a favourite among longtime fans and new ones alike. With the relatable, relevant draw of each song, it’s quite possibly the ideal life soundtrack."

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Introducing "Long Live Rock" - The Best Selling Debut by Cherry★Suede

Cherry Suede are no strangers to experimenting with their sound. They triangulate classic-rock energy, pop catchiness and emotional ballads like crossover wizards, but there’s always been more rock in their blood than they let on.

Cathartic, heart-swelling anthems like “In Pieces” and “Since You’ve Been Gone” are arena rock through and through — just ask anyone who has seen one of the band’s sold-out shows. Fans will be hard-pressed to pick their favorite in this album full of hits, but “Till I Found You” is one of those gems that gets you dancing and hitting repeat several times. The impassioned earnestness that has made Cherry Suede so loved by their fans is their overwhelming passion for the music, which is evident throughout this self-titled album. They truly deliver and leave us wanting more.

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