Between Here and There

It's not every day that you can find an album where each track uniquely speaks to an emotion or situation you have experienced in your own life. But, Between Here and There does exactly that.

Opening the twelve tracks is Saturday Night. It’s the perfect melody to listen to while driving with the windows down. You can almost feel the gentle summer breeze wrapping you in a blanket of emotional catharsis. Similarly, I’ll Be Waiting gives an earnest look into the pain and anticipation of letting someone go in hopes they come back to love you forever. While So Lonely, based on a true story is a homage to 1960s pop rock. But don’t let the upbeat rhythm and melodic harmonies fool you. With lyrics like, “I’m just a window you’re looking through…” anyone who has hopelessly longed after someone can understand the heartache in this song. The 60s vibe continues with, Anytime Any Place, Any Where with a bubblegum feel complete with the gorgeously placed Rickenbacker. This gem is one that you won’t mind getting stuck in your head. The final track, Don’t Walk Away is much more than a ballad, it is genuine advice about sticking out a relationship even during the hard times.

Between Here and There moves boldly forward into the realm of radio-conscious pop and gives listeners a rush of emotions song after song. There’s no doubt this album will be a favorite among longtime fans and new ones alike. With the relatable, relevant draw of each song, it’s quite possibly the ideal life soundtrack.