Get the stories behind our most popular songs...

From the heartache to heart felt, these songs touch on the sincere emotions and sentiments that almost everyone, at some point in their lives, has gone through.

The lyrics and music in these songs have hit a nerve with our fans, and we couldn’t be any more grateful that they have resonated in the way they do. After all, music is not only about listening, but FEELING.

Because these songs pull from our own experiences, they are some of our favourites too.

Little Things (Live in London)
About the Video... This version of "Little Things" was captured live in London at a very intimate "Up Close and[...]
In Pieces (Long Live Rock)
Sometimes, when a relationship ends, it can come right out of nowhere. You have no idea that the other person[...]
Worth the Wait (Between Here and There)
About the Song... We’ve all been burned at one time or another... whether in a relationship, or a job, etc…and everyone[...]
At the End of the Day (Long Live Rock)
About the Song... Human beings desire connection. Since the day we’re born, we’re told stories about finding the person we[...]
When I’m Gone (Long Live Rock)
Everyone experiences a breakup at one point or another. While having a relationship end is never an easy thing, being[...]
Little Things (Between Here and There)
About the Song... Actions speak louder than words is often true when it comes to love... Although hearing those three[...]